Teenager dreamed of covering her entire body with tattoos and 13 years later people can’t stop staring

There are unspoken rules that most adults live by. Having a family, house, car, some pets, and doing your best for the country while causing no trouble.

Moreover, most people are happy living under those rules, which is fine. After all, everyone has the right to live their life however they want.

Like Mara Inkperial, who lives her life on her own terms. She wanted to stand out considerably from the rest. Her dream – covering her entire body with tattoos.

Here at The Laugh Club, we not only write about things that make our readers laugh, but we also follow people who’ve chosen to live their lives differently and uniquely. It is our opinion that everyone is equal and deserve the same respect no matter how they live their life!

Mara is a German tattoo artist that started her journey when she built her 1st tattoo machine at the age of 13.

On her 17th birthday, she finally got hired by a tattoo studio, and her career just took off.



Today, Mara runs her own tattoo studio. She specializes in realism tattoos and black and grey tattoos – which she also has throughout her own body.


Mara’s work has provided her with a body full of tattoos and 670k followers online. People are drawn to the explosive combination of this German beauty and her body art.


What if Mara had no tattoos?

However, many fans of Mara were curious about how she would look without all her tattoos, which obviously can’t happen at the moment.


So, to please her fans, Mara acquired the same compound that makeup artists use to cover up actresses’ scars and tattoos in Hollywood movies.

The results were incredible.


“So much fun to Play with the dermacol make up. I Like that undercover feeling … and the anonymity without tatts… but also boring without the Ink… what do you think? Left or right?” the star wrote on her Instagram.


What do you think about her transformation?

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