McDonald’s revelation: You’ve been eating Fries wrong all your life – this is how you do it

Eating healthy is good for you, that much is obvious. Sometimes, however, you just want to treat yourself to something good and delicious, like a hamburger, for example.

McDonald’s has been around since the 40’s. Most of us have memories of driving in with our family and playing with the small toys that came in a happy meal while the adults enjoyed their Big Mac and fries.

But, how do you actually eat fries, without making a mess with the ketchup?

If you buy food at McDonald’s, you get fries, it’s a must. I would argue that they are the biggest selling point of McDonald’s.

Those golden, crispy potato sticks are the centerpiece of the meal.

How to eat fries

French fries are so popular because they are easy to eat. However, once you add ketchup to the equation everything turns into a mess.

The fact is that the pack’s small flap is designed to be folded in order to hold the ketchup. I would have never guessed!

How to eat fries
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This helps you avoid the mess that occurs when you put the ketchup directly on top of the fries.

Thousands marvel online

This well-kept secret has been discovered recently online, surprising thousands, and making everyone wonder how no one thought of it before. Or, if they did, why didn’t they share this vital information earlier?

“I’m shaken,” rightfully writes one user.

“You learn something new every day,” writes another.

“How could anyone know that?” wonders a third.

Hamburger and fries
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