Swedish Jonna defies the winter cold with ice baths – now watch the breathtaking video

The weather is a bit of a lottery here up north. The winter season started a bit weak, but now there are places where it has snowed over 6 ft. We can finally go back to complaining about getting up early to shovel the snow out of the driveway.

Personally, I try to see it with a positive mental attitude. I think every season has its moments—a summer breeze, a spring shower, fall’s leaf-peeping, and of course, the breathtaking snowfall during winter. Learning to accept and like the seasons can set up your mindset for success.

One person who embraces the winter to a tee is Jonna Jinton. She has previously gone viral online by, among other things, a hilarious video about the Swedish spring.

This time, however, the 31-year-old’s latest video has a more serious and inspiring message!

The woman from our story is a successful Swedish blogger who moved from Gothenburg to a remote village in the beautiful north of Sweden to isolate herself from all distractions. There, she devotes herself to what she loves most – her art.

“For me, nature is the most important thing I have. That’s where I get all my inspiration from,” Jonna told Expressen, a Swedish news site.


The creative and resourceful 31-year-old creates videos showcasing life in the north – and her millions of followers enjoy her inspiring and sometimes hilarious films.

Bathing in winter water

A while ago, Jonna released a clip in which she defies the Swedish cold weather by swimming in a nearby icy lake.

It is a common tradition in Sweden, the reason being to challenge yourself and harness energy from nature – but this time, she took things to the next level.


In the video, which now has over 31 million views, Jonna displays her willpower as she submerges her body into the freezing water.

This quiet yet calm clip almost makes you feel like the cold is in the air, and the 31-year-old passes on a message of hope, strength, and peace in this beautiful masterpiece.


Not a lot of people can dip their feet in cold water, let alone submerge their entire body (including the head) into a frozen lake – but Jonna does it showing nothing but calm and focus.

When she gets out, you feel some relief that this bone-chilling experience is over. Still, in the end, you realize the massive self-control and strength this woman has.


Now watch the awe-inspiring video below. I’ve never dared to do what Jonna does – but now I think I’m willing to try it!

Talk about challenging yourself to the max!

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