Young couple buys an old rusty truck – now watch as they open the door just three weeks later

The housing situation is something that can keep most people awake at night. You want your own house or apartment so you can have a place to come back to. If the family grows, it’s probably time to move to the countryside, to a bigger home.

But not many of us would choose to live in a truck, as this European couple, Iona Stewart and Martin Hill, did.

Going on vacation is usually wonderful. You get to see new things, try new food and meet new people. However, all too often, you also suffer from a certain amount of homesickness and few things can distract you from the pleasure of finally coming back to your home after a long vacation. That problem was solved by Iona Stewart, 28, and Martin Hill, 39, by taking their home with them on vacation.

Got the idea while drunk

It all started last fall, an evening when Martin had a few beers too much. He realized that the couple spent most of their lives traveling around Europe and therefore a mobile home was a no-brainer. He bought a dirty old truck online for 3,000 pounds, which is equivalent to about $4100.

Four months later, their new home was ready, and they finally hit the road.

From truck – to mobile home

It took a lot of hard work, Iona took on the role of interior designer and Martin the role of craftsman and both worked really hard on their project.

truck to mobile home
Image Source: Facebook

The result is just amazing!

It is astonishing what you can do with determination and creativity!

Their truck has everything you could ever need!

Martin sold his apartment and the bar he owned – and now the couple travels around Europe in their new home!

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