Father’s meeting with giant moose has millions gasping – you’ve never seen anything like this

Going for a drive through nature is always a joy.

You get to experience vast plains, forests, meadows – and moose. When you’re behind the wheel, you’d better be aware of your environment – humans aren’t the only creatures on the road. An Alaskan who was going to pick his daughter up caught sight of what many are calling “the world’s biggest moose”.

Now more than a million people have spread the moose news!

One late afternoon, a father was going to pick his daughter up in Anchorage, Ladbible reports. Alaska boasts a very active wildlife, and suddenly, the man came across an enormous moose. Not only enormous, but absolutely gargantuan!

The giant is casually strolling along, and doesn’t seem bothered by the cars or the attention. The car on the other side of the road can be seen to back up to catch another glimpse of the king of the forest.

Could have acted safer

The clip is now spreading across the internet like wildfire. The man behind the camera addresses the moose, “Look at this big fella here. Wow, come here, look at him, he’s huge. Hey there bud, hey there bud. Hey there bud!”

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows about this clip. Some people have pointed out that the moose looks injured. It’s possible, I guess, but hard to tell. Other people have commented that the man acted carelessly by getting so close to the moose.

And yes, I’m sure that the father could have done things in a more safe and responsible way. But nevertheless, the resulting video is absolutely amazing. The most important thing is that the moose found his way back to the forest where he belongs.

I have seen a couple of moose in my day, but they didn’t even come close to the size of this giant!

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