Pet sitter wakes up from a nap missing his dentures

Anyone who’s ever lived with a pet knows that they’re basically an extra family member. Even though they’re animals, to us, they are so much more. No decent person can resist a connection that provides unconditional love!

Of course, this relationship varies from person to person. Some do everything together, eat the same food, and even wear matching outfits.

However, that’s a bit extreme for my taste; I’m not judging, though. As long you are happy and not bothering anyone else, anything goes.

But it can be hard not to laugh when you see animals pretending to be humans, like Maggie, the dog from today’s story. She is a mixed breed between Shih Tzu and chihuahua, which I find absolutely adorable!

The pet sitter lost his dentures

Eunice, Maggie’s owner, asked her dad to look after Maggie for a few hours. He agreed and after making sure she had everything she needed, he felt a little tired and decided to take a quick nap.

But when the man woke up, he noticed that his dentures had vanished without a trace.

He was sure he had left them, as usual, on his bedside table. However, after searching for a while, he started doubting himself.

No one was there to move them

The part-time pet sitter thought he might have left his fake teeth in the bathroom. Something that certainly had happened before.

So he went there to look. Inside, he found Maggie instead, who seemed pretty normal – until she opened her mouth.

It was quite a shock. It turns out the dentures thief was none other than this little fiend – and what’s more surprising is that she managed to put them on properly.

Of course, the incredible images that Maggie’s owner, Eunice, shared online, immediately spread like wildfire.

The photos of the dog with the dentures are both adorable and hilarious.

Picture: Twitter / @eUniFiEd

“I was in literal tears”

Apparently, the dog seemed pretty comfy wearing the dentures.

“He sent me a picture and explained what had happened. I was in literal tears,” said Eunice, according to Ladbible.

Picture: Twitter / @eUniFiEd

No wonder this little ball of fur is now an online celebrity! I have a hard time holding back my laugh when I see the pictures!

What a fantastic little dog!

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