She saved the baby elephant's life – now he follows her everywhere

She saved the baby elephant’s life – now he follows her everywhere

If there is something we can never get too much of, is sweet, funny and heart-warming stories. During difficult times for our planet’s nature and environment, a bit of positivity can go a long way.

Animals being rescued is always extraordinary to see. But a good follow-up story that shows us the happy development of a rescued animal is something special – I couldn’t stop smiling when I stumbled upon the story of Moyo, the baby elephant.

Separated from his herd while crossing a flooded river in the African country of Zimbabwe, little Moyo was dragged away by the stream and nearly drowned. Luckily, he was found by rangers, reports the site Truth Theory.

Lived together 24 hours a day

To help him recover, the rangers brought him to the only person who could provide him with a safe environment, Roxy Danckwerts.

Roxy runs a wildlife rehabilitation center in Africa. A sanctuary for wild creatures that need support, protection or help before they can go back to their natural habitat.

However, of all the animals she has helped rehabilitate, Moyo has been her greatest challenge. A normal elephant of that age would weight around 200 lbs, but Moyo only weighted 125. During the first few days, Roxy was with the small calf around the clock – until he made a full recovery.

Moyo baby elephant

At the age of 14 months, Moyo was basically a dog. A massive, gigantic dog. The baby elephant followed Roxy wherever she went – the kitchen, living room, couch or even the toilet.


Moyo made such a strong recovery and got so strong, confident and healthy, that he helped to take care of other calves that came into the sanctuary – today, this sweetheart leads his own herd.


In the note made by the BBC, you can see how heartwarming and special the bond between Moyo and Roxy is – it’s impossible not to smile while looking at them!

“This is his favorite sofa,” says Roxy in the clip. “But he’s getting a little bit big for it now. I think it might break soon.”

Check out the wonderful clip here below!

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