The world’s horniest duck had too much sex – had to be hospitalized

All animals mature sexually at one point, which is the way most of them reproduce and preserve their species in this world. But even though there are a lot of similarities, every creature is unique in its own way. 

That’s why we use names for humans and animals. To refer or call upon them knowing they are that unique organism.

And for all of us, humans and animals, sex drive is different. For some, it’s higher, while for others it’s lower. Someone with an extremely high libido is Dave the duck. He has been having so much action that he had to see a doctor, writes Unilad.

Dave, or Dave the duck as his full name reads, is a happy duck living with his owner Dave Watson in southern England. And he loves spending a lot of time with the ladies, a bit too much.

Mating ten times a day

Dave had a great life surrounded by his three girlfriends Dora, Freda, and Edith. According to reports from the owners – Dave was trying to mate with his ladies as much as ten times a day. But in the end, Dave’s passion gave up, or rather his penis, which got injured and then infected thanks to the duck’s crazy sex life.

Had to go to the hospital

Finally, his owner realized that he had to bring Dave to the doctor to heal his infected penis. Once there, Dave was taken care of and then sent back home with the sad news that he couldn’t spend any more time with his girlfriends. 

This nymphomaniac duck now lives separated from his beloved ladies, for his own good.

β€œHe tries to mate with his female companions a lot. Every chance he can get. I’d say between five and ten times a day, maybe more. It’s not even mating season at the moment and obviously, over the mating season he gets more of a drive to do it,” owner Dave told Unilad.

Image source: Wikipedia

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