Now you can buy floating wine glasses for the summer, to keep your drinks safe in the pool, ocean or bathtub

It’s no secret that wine glasses and uneven surfaces do not go well together. Maybe that’s why plastic cups have been so popular lately? They’re cheap, and if they brake, you only “cry” over the spilled wine.

Yes, it still hurts, but at least you don’t have to clean broken glass.

Few things can beat a cold, refreshing, and delicious glass of wine during a hot summer day. White, bubbles, red, or Rosé, it doesn’t really matter – a new invention will save all types of wine equally from the jaws of our slippery hands.

Yes, say no to wasting good wine – just because the glasses get harder to hold on to the more you drink, it’s no fair that a great evening always ends with you cleaning up the big red stain in the pool.

“But there must be a solution to this problem,” you think. There are undoubtedly thousands of litters of wine wasted every year in pools, the sea, and even the sand on the beach.

Floating wine glasses

Now the solution is – finally – here!

Introducing: The Beach Glass, a floating wine glass sold by Amazon – which, according to the manufacturer, is ideal for keeping your drink safe in the sand, grass, and snow. It even floats in the water!

floating wine glasses
Picture: Amazon

This means you can sip wine anywhere your heart desires this summer – while lying on a floating pool mattress while sunbathing, or enjoying the sunset on the beach with your friends. The options are endless!

These new wine glasses will solve all your first-world problems!

Picture: Amazon

They are made of high-quality acrylic and come in several colors – crystal clear, blue, pink, green, etc. The glasses cost only $12.95 each, and there are discounts for buying 2 or 4.

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