Science confirms: Beer lovers are healthier than non-drinkers

Under the summer heat, few things are as nice and refreshing as having a cold beer. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the porch, the beach or an outdoor terrace – it always tastes like heaven.

However, there is a general belief that beer may not be very healthy, after all, it is alcohol.

Of course, it’s bad to consume anything in excess – but a beer or two might actually keep you healthier.

People who drink alcohol are usually, according to research, healthier than those who don’t, reports the British news site Metro.

Summer break is usually the time when you more often treat yourself to a few cold beers or cocktails. Of course, it is important not to let the drinking get out of control – but according to a new study, you could be healthier by drinking a couple of glasses now and then.

Fewer sick days than non-drinkers

The study was carried out by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, where researchers surveyed participants from France, the UK, and Finland.

The result? Participants who drank alcohol took fewer sick days than those who didn’t.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Can’t drink alcohol

However, there is a very natural explanation for why non-drinkers take more sick days.

“Some diseases, or their treatment, prevent alcohol use, which may explain the excess risks among abstainers,” said Dr. Jenni Ervasti, lead author of the study, to Metro.

So if you go on a drinking marathon, your health will still be harmed considerably; but now you do not have to feel bad after enjoying a cold beer in the summer heat!

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