Gina is called the “world’s hottest grandma” – do you agree?

We all age differently. For most of us, this means that you get a few wrinkles here and there, you might put on a few extra pounds, and things may not be exactly where they used to be. 

Of course, this is a completely natural part of aging. At an older age, however, you become more confident and stop caring about other people’s opinions. 

On the other hand, this is not the case for everyone. Some people want to keep their appearance young no matter what. For example, Gina Stewart, holds the title, according to the internet, of “the sexiest grandma in the world.”

This Australian lady is 49 years old, has four children: James, 27, Cody, 22, Casey, 25, Summer, 4, and one grandchild.

No plastic surgery, she claims

Gina has been named “the world’s most beautiful grandmother” and has participated in several beauty shows, as well as being named Australia’s 90th most beautiful woman.

According to herself, she has managed to keep her complexion young through coconut oil and rose oil. She firmly denies receiving any plastic surgery other than for her size E (or DDD) breasts.

Released a nude calendar

Gina often leaves little to the imagination on her pictures, but this year she released a real nude calendar where she shows everything.

According to her website, the pictures were “on a whole another level.”

“The Topless Calendar contains twelve topless exclusive photos of Gina,”  says the description of her website.

Image source: Gina Stewart

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