Doctors plead during the corona crisis: Masturbate as much as possible

The coronavirus is ravaging our planet at an alarming rate. Every we find out about new countries taking drastic measures to stop the spread.

Some countries have completely closed their borders, and the common guidelines are the same, wash your hands properly, stay home as long as possible, and avoid touching your face before sanitizing your hands.

Guide on how to properly apply soap when washing your hands:

It seems fair, researchers and hospitals are trying to catch up, and every day we stay inside might mean a break to that nurse that has been working 72 hours shifts since the pandemic started.

While isolating yourself at home, it’s easy to get bored. However, according to research, there is a pastime that not only feels great, it’s also good for the immune system: masturbation.

For more information about the coronavirus COVID-19, see the World Health Organization webpage.

Many people have found themselves forced to stay at home in isolation to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

To avoid infection, according to doctors, there is something else you can do.

Masturbate as much as possible

You can strengthen your immune system if you masturbate frequently, which is great because many people are already at home. So do your part against this pandemic, stay inside and masturbate away!

This plead comes from hormone therapy specialist Dr. Jennifer Landham. She and her team conducted a study at the University of Essen in Germany, reports The Sun.

She observed that the participants’ white blood cells increased through sexual arousal and orgasms, which resulted in a stronger immune system.

Better Sleep

In addition to this, orgasms relax the body, helping it to fall asleep, again, improving overall health.

So if you want to stay healthy while at home, masturbate to perfectly pass the time – and avoid getting bored!

Finally! Some good news in the middle of this crisis!

masturbate coronavirus
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