More sex is a great cure for hay fever, according to science, what great news

More sex is a great cure for hay fever, according to science

Having allergies can be tough – last year, pollen-wise, was one of the worst in recent history. And with how 2020 started, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets even worse.

For those of us that suffer from allergies, getting through spring and summer is a nightmare. I try to use every resource I can get my hands on to make things even a little bit better. All we want is to avoid having a stuffy nose and red eyes for months.

You never get used to it, and with the current corona situation, it’s easy to make everyone else around you uncomfortable if you are sneezing and blowing your nose once every few minutes.

However, worry not, we might have found a solution that will help you go outside without creating panic around you!

Summer is almost here – even though the warm weather hasn’t reached the northern states yet. It’s been sporadic, but within the next few weeks, we can probably expect the temperature to start rising. Parallel to this, the pollen levels are also likely to be just as high, according to

Get rid of allergies with sex

In a well-known study at Iranian Tabiz Medical University, researchers have concluded that sex can relieve the symptoms of pollen allergies, reports British health site Heart.

So if you want to stop sneezing and coughing on the bus, supermarket, or at work – find a partner and get busy.

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According to the report, also covered by the Daily Star and The Mirror, sex makes the blood vessels in our nostrils contract, which in turn opens up the nasal cavity – and lowers the irritation on the eyes.

However, it’s important to point out that getting some bedroom action is not a perfect solution, on its own.

Allergy expert: “Most Pleasant…”

Experts explain that people that suffer from allergies should continue making use of the tools they are familiar with to lessen the symptoms. However, sex is a great complement to the routine of those who suffer during spring and summer.

Pleasant and healthy, a perfect combination!

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Max Wiseberg, airborne allergen expert, told Heart:

β€œThere is also research which suggests that sex could help with the symptoms, so that might be something to consider although there may be some practical issues around timing and locations.

β€œHowever there is probably not a more pleasant way to deal with the symptoms of allergies.”

Men experience greater benefits

However, there is – unfortunately – a small setback. At least for women.

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The symptom-attenuating effect that sex contributes to, is mainly linked to ejaculation, so men have a greater chance than women of having a positive impact on their symptoms, according to the study.

Reduced symptoms and more sex. I am sold! Remember, though, to continue using what works for you at the moment.

Great stuff! Now share this important information with your allergic friends! It will surely be appreciated!