Boy walks in on his parents making love – his comment the next day is gold

When you have small kids, getting some privacy for intimate moments can be a tricky business . And once you do get a moment for yourselves, you’re often so tired that you’d rather just sleep.

Never mind if the kids happen to walk in on you, because then you have some explaining to do. That’s just what happened to the couple in this story – with hilarious consequences!

One night little Johnny walks in on his parents while they are making love. Johnny looks confused and asks, “Dad, what are you doing?”


“You know how you’ve always wished for a little brother?” his dad replies, “I’m putting your brother in mom so that he can join us in nine months.”

Little Johnny is delighted to hear this. Finally a brother! He closes the door and goes to his room, thinking about all the games they can play together.

Suddenly, bad news

A few days later, dad comes home from work, only to see little Johnny on the front steps, crying.

Dad asks what’s wrong, and Johnny says “Remember the little brother you and mom were making the other night?”

“Yes, I do. What’s wrong?”

“Well, this morning the mailman ate him.”

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