Dirty Joke: Peter sees friend’s wife without panties – but when THIS happens I can’t stop laughing

Dirty Joke: Peter sees friend’s wife without panties – but when THIS happens I can’t stop laughing

I belong to the crowd who can joke about most things. Some subjects have become very controversial lately, but at the same time, I think a good joke can lighten up a boring day.

Not everyone agrees, but funny stories about infidelity are a perfect example of this. No one should have to suffer from this, of course — it destroys relationships and hurts people, but when it comes to fictional stories, it can actually be quite funny.

If it didn’t happen, it hurts no one!

That’s why I got a good laugh out of this one! Some may think it’s a bit rough, but I mean, as I said, it’s rather fun.

I hope you too will laugh and have a lovely & cheerful day!

2 married couples were playing card games during a weekend evening.

Peter accidentally dropped some cards on the floor.

When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he saw that George’s wife, Kim, wasn’t wearing any panties.

It will cost you $1,000

He was so surprised – that he got up in a hurry – hitting his head on the table.

wasn't wearing any panties 1

After that, Peter went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water and recover, Kim followed him and asked:

“Did you see something under the table that you liked?”

“Yes, I did,” Peter replied.

“And it can be yours — for $1,000.”

So the next Friday came, and Kim got her $1,000, they headed to the bedroom and had intense sex for 3 hours straight.

After that Peter left.

George came home from work after Peter had left and asked his wife:

“Honey, did Peter come by today?”

Did the husband know?

Surprised by the question, Kim replied:

“Yeah… he left not too long ago.”

“Did you get $1,000?”

Now Anna was sure that her husband somehow found out — and that the deal was bust.

wasn't wearing any panties 2

“Yes, I did,” said Kim with an ashamed expression on her face.

“Great!” George replied. “Peter came by the office this morning and borrowed $1,000. He said he‘d pay me back the money in the afternoon. It’s nice to have friends you can trust!

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