Funny story: 16-year-old from Hudson buys condoms for the first time

Funny story: 16-year-old from Hudson buys condoms for the first time

We all remember our first time “doing it”. I think most of us were a bit let down by the experience – after all the hype, was that it? In any case, it felt like an important milestone at the time.

This story is about a teenager’s first time, and the catastrophic ending made me double over with laughter! This one is simply brilliant, and I just had to share it with you.

16 year old Oliver was about to lose his virginity. He and his girlfriend had decided that tonight was the night – he just had to go the local pharmacy in Hudson to buy a pack of condoms first.

Oliver waited outside the pharmacy until it was empty of customers – his dad was a well-known bus driver, so almost everyone in town knew who he was. It was a bit silly, but he felt very embarrassed about what he was about to buy.

Once he got into the store, he was greeted by Amanda, a beautiful cashier who was a couple of years older than him.

He stuttered, “I would like to… buy a packet of… you know, uhm… condoms.”

Amanda noticed his acute nervousness. She smiled at him and handed him the package.

“Do you know how to use these?” she asked.

He honestly answered, “No, not really. This is my first time.”

All alone in the store

So Amanda unwrapped the package, took one out and slipped it over her thumb.

She said, “Like that. Make sure it’s on tight and secure. Now do you see?”

“Hmm… well… maybe…” Oliver said, his face red with embarrassment.

Amanda looked all around the store to see if it was empty. The coast was clear, so she asked Oliver to follow her into the back room for a quickie.

“Come here, I’ll show you,” she said, and walked to the door, and locked it.

She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She unhooked her bra and laid it aside.

“Do these make you horny?” she asked, pointing at her breasts.

Oliver was so dumb-struck that all he could do was stand there and stare.

“Okay, time to slip the condom on,” the cashier said.

“We don’t have much time”

As Oliver slipped it on, Amanda dropped her skirt, removed her panties and lay down on a desk.

“Well, come on,” she said, “We don’t have much time.”

So Oliver climbed on top of her. After a few quick humping motions, it all felt too good, and he just couldn’t hold back. The whole thing was over in 30 seconds.

Amanda looked at him with a bit of a frown.

“You did put the condom on, right?” she asked.

With a big grin, Oliver said, “I sure did,” and held up his thumb to show her.

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