Tennessee farmer’s wife says no to sex – but the farmer’s clever payback has me in stitches

Tennessee farmer’s wife says no to sex – but the farmer’s clever payback has me in stitches

Finding time for intimacy can be tricky when you have children and responsibilities. If you’re a parent, then I’m sure you’ve experienced this plenty of times. But don’t fret! Although it may be harder, it’s still possible to find time to be intimate with your partner.

The couple in the story below found a brilliant way to solve the problem. However, there were some unforeseen complications!

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A Tennessee farmer got home after a long day of working in the fields. His muscles were sore, but he was feeling mighty horny.


He went to find his wife. When he saw her bent over, working out in the yard, he thought, “Damn, she’s so beautiful. I’m one lucky man.”

He spent a few more moments admiring her from afar, the walked up to her and asked her if she felt like a roll in the hay.

No time for love

His wife smiled and replied, “We can’t, Michael. Our son will be home from school any minute now.”

“So what?” Michael replied. “We can just turn on the dishwasher and he won’t hear a peep.”

She replied, “Not right now Michael, he might want to talk to us about his day,” and that was that.

Michael was severely aroused but couldn’t do anything about it. So he decided to go take a ride on his tractor to let off some steam and calm his frustration.

By the time their son had gotten home, the wife had changed her mind. She asked her son to go out to his father and tell him to come home and turn on the dishwasher.

The son went out and told the farmer what the mother had said.

Michael replied, “Tell your mother that it’s too late. I already did the dishes by hand!”

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