Florida sheriff busts his own mom-of-3 daughter in meth sting

A Florida sheriff got the surprise of his career – and life, we might venture to add – when he busted a local meth supplier, only to find out it was his own daughter.

According to reports, Sheriff A.J. “Tony” Smith, of Franklin County, was left stunned when he asked a busted meth dealer to identify her dealer. The name given to him was Kristen Kent, his 38-year-old daughter.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Sheriff Smith recalled: “I said, ‘My daughter?’ And she said, ‘Yes, sir,’” the sheriff told the paper.

Credit – Facebook / A.J. “Tony” Smith

Undeterred however, Tony knew he had to continue his work in a manner befitting a consummate professional.

After receiving the information from the aforementioned dealer, he set up a sting to catch his own daughter in the act.

A mother of three, Kristen Kent was in the process of delivering a large quantity of meth when she was arrested last week for trafficking the drug, as well as being in possession of cocaine.

Sheriff Smith said: “I felt terrible about it, but I also knew that the quantity of drugs she was selling was unbelievable and that she had to be stopped.


“Did it feel good? No, it didn’t feel good, but it had to be done.”

It may not have felt good, by Tony posted his daughter’s arrest to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

“Methamphetamine does not discriminate & neither do we. It does not matter who you are — No one is immune or exempt,” he wrote alongside a picture of his daughter in her booking photo. He also added the tag #WeDontMethAround.

Tony told the Washington Post that he believed his daughter to be free of drug addiction after a recent spell in rehab.

“So it was … it was a total shock,” he added.

Sheriff Smith went on to say that his daughter’s arrest had left him more motivated than ever to do what he can “to stop the drug abuse that’s going on here.”

Credit – Facebook / The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Wow! I don’t even know what I’d do if I had been in Sheriff Smith’s shoes! One thing’s for sure: he’s proven that he is a model police officer committed to keeping dangerous drugs off of our streets.

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