2-year-old refuses to go inside – dad‘s clever solution is celebrated by millions of parents

2-year-old refuses to go inside – dad‘s clever solution is celebrated by millions of parents

Everyone who has a child has experienced difficult situations when the kid is tired and just throws a tantrum. It can get embarrassing for the adults, but on the other hand, kids are just being kids, it’s natural.

Often parents try to shop fast and efficiently.

Mothers and fathers know their little ones well and this includes knowing which tricks will get the child in a better mood, but sometimes they have to resort to new and uncommon solutions.

Especially when the adult’s patience it’s also at its limit.

The dad in this clip (below) went grocery shopping with his daughter. The girl, feeling tired after a long day, was throwing a tantrum, acting lazy and just trying to express how exhausted she was.

Refuses to walk

It was quite a tiring day for the dad as well, make no mistake. Young parents know this too well. In fact, not everything is rainbows and flowers with a family — of course, most of the time it’s great! But towards the end of a long day, being a parent can be quite challenging.

Two-year-old girl refuses to walk
YouTube / ViralHog

When father and daughter came back from the store, the 2-year-old threw herself into the ground and stayed there, refusing to walk, according to the site Amomama. The mother noticed from the window and, while laughing, picked up her camera and started recording.

The clip has over 2 million views, and it’s spreading quickly around the world — all because of this father’s ingenious solution.

When he picked out all the goods from the car, he asked the daughter to walk. She refused.

Two-year-old girl refuses to walk 2
YouTube / ViralHog

Then he stretches down and picks her up — as if the girl was another bag of groceries. Certainly, this is not this dad’s first rodeo.

“An intelligent solution”

“She often does things like this, and that’s how we love her,” wrote the mother after uploading the video clip.

“This is an INTELLIGENT solution, instead of having an unpleasant fight with a child who refuses to walk!”, wrote a viewer.

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I got a great laugh from this dad’s smart solution! It’s clever and efficient, and quite funny! Press share so that other parents can see this amazing clip too!