3 girls in tutus suddenly get up on stage, now watch Johanna turn around and make the internet cheer

Nothing puts me in a good mood like watching something funny, unexpected and unique. I’m sure you know the feeling, where you just sit there, completely engrossed, involved and amazed. Moments like that are unforgettable.

Some shows and performances have put me in just such a state. It’s easy to underestimate what people are capable of, but there are a lot of skillful and talented individuals out there!

Watching these people do their thing can really brighten your day. And if you add a bit of humor and hilarity to the mix, then I’m sold!

The clip below really made me go, “Wow, this is absolutely amazing!”

Three young girls get up on stage to do their performance, but most people in the crowd have no idea what’s coming. It’s clearly got something to do with dance, but then what?

More than 2 million views

Suddenly, the speakers start booming out Aretha Franklin’s classic tune “Respect”. The girls don’t keep the crowd waiting, but immediately start their magnificent show.


The crowd can’t keep from laughing, because not only do the young girls on stage dance well for their age, their choreography is pretty funny – something the cheering and guffawing crowd can attest to.

I can’t help but clap and cheer at my monitor myself!

This well-choreographed dance is really performed with feeling and gusto – it’s no wonder that more than 2 million people have watched this clip!

The person filming is the father of Johanna – the girl in the middle – so she gets some extra attention in the video. She treats us to a hilarious show, just like her friends beside her!

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