3 horses run out in deep snow – I can’t stop smiling at their reactions

If there is something that gets me in a great mood, it’s happy and cheerful animals.

It doesn’t have to be spectacular or complicated – pure, spontaneous, and genuine excitement is always difficult to resist. I myself cannot help but melt away from all that cuteness overload.

This wonderful clip (below) was too much to bear! These wonderful horses really show their playfulness and enjoyment!

Horses are fascinating, beautiful and majestic animals. They have an incredible ability to create strong bonds with people and often demonstrate their emotions. If they feel good or are feeling depressed, it’s easy to notice.

Can’t stop playing

That genuine happiness in an animal can, therefore, awaken strong feelings in us people – that’s perhaps not so strange. Many times I think we are more alike than we want to admit. Sometimes all you need to do is let that happiness inside and just enjoy it.

3 horses play in the snow
Facebook / Unilad / Viralhog

In this wonderful clip, the farmers have released 3 horses inside a stable where it has been snowing a lot. You might think the horses would dislike walking with such difficulty, but that’s not the case at all. Snow is actually quite fun! – and these horses agree 100%!

One of them can’t stop playing after he discovers the exciting, white “substance” that fills the whole yard. The horse kicks backward, jumps forward and looks like he is having a blast!

I guarantee this clip will get you in a great mood! Check it out.

horses play in snow

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