Baby and husky start “talking” to each other, the adorable conversation is making the internet melt

Dogs and toddlers both love getting attention. They also like to be heard – but what happens when you but two of these chatterboxes next to each other?

Answer: the best conversation ever!

Siberian Husky is a breed that loves to be out in nature where they can run around and be as loud as they want. They get restless from staying indoors, where they can’t move freely and make as much noise – being still and quiet isn’t exactly the husky way.

Babies aren’t afraid of being loud either. As you might suspect, putting a Husky next to a baby can create some interesting situations.

An adorable conversation

In the clip below (with more than 11 million views), 10 month old Lexi and Angel the dog are having some kind of strange conversation. Who knows – they might understand something that I don’t!

In any case, this is both funny and adorable. Watch the clip below!

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