Dad asks his newborn son if he slept well, the baby’s reply makes millions of hearts melt

Being a newborn is pretty easy. You eat, poop and sleep.

But that’s not all! You get to experience many new feelings, situations and places for the first time.

You get to practice stretching, making faces and producing sounds.

And before you know it, your kid that used to be a baby has graduated school and moved out of the house.

But in the beginning, there’s a short period where you get to see them experiencing and exploring the world for the first time!

Meet Oliver, a little bundle of energy who goes through the whole human range of emotions in one short video!

Oliver’s reply to his dad

Oliver’s dad was lucky enough to have a camera on hand when he asked his son a simple question – and now the baby’s reply is making millions of hearts melt all over the world.

Oliver is just waking up from a nap, and suddenly starts feeling so many feelings – and makes just as many facial expressions. A giant yawn, a bit of stretching and some eye squinting. I think we can all identify with this feeling!

After a bit of rocking back and forth, Oliver slowly opens his eyes. He spots his father – who’s patiently waiting – and hears a question from him.

The reply is absolutely adorable!

Dad says, “Good morning.” His son gives him a sceptical look.

He then asks Oliver if he slept well. At first, the boy confusedly looks at his father, and a second later, he replies in a way that’s making hearts melt all around the world!

Watch the video below!

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