Dog plays dead to avoid going to the vet – then she hears a familiar sound

Dog plays dead to avoid going to the vet – then she hears a familiar sound

Lulu is an exceptionally clever dog and always knows what’s going on in her house.

She has been in this family for a long time now and usually, she’s up and running in the morning. However, this wonderful video is from the morning this little devil had to go to the vet.

Of course, she understood this — and decided to play dead to avoid her least favorite place. However, she wasn’t able to keep the act going for too long.

What an incredibly smart dog — and it’s easy to burst into laughter after watching the end of the clip below.

Micki, her human mom, is aware of what her dog is trying to do — since every time someone says “vet”, one can see the despair on the eyes of little Lulu. She knows a visit to the vet is inevitable, but that won’t stop her from trying to get out of her situation.

Knew exactly what was needed

I can relate. No owner likes to bring his animal to the vet, but, it has to be done. It’s the best for your pet.

However, it can get tricky once the animal knows where it’s going, but Micki proved to have the perfect solution this morning. She knew exactly what she needed to do to get Lulu out of bed and in a happy mood.

dog plays dead

Both are really stubborn — that much it’s clear. Even when she called the dog’s bluff and shook her, she stuck to acting dead. But then, her owner makes a familiar noise from the other side of the bed — and suddenly Lulu comes back from the dead.

The day got better

She learns that “dead” puppies can’t get any treats. Suddenly this became a great day for this sweet doggy!

This video actually reminds me of when I was young. Everyone remembers the days when you didn’t feel like going to school, but then your parents came in and got you out of bed. In the end, the days became much better anyway.

It probably was the same for Lulu!

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