Dog watches horror film with owner – now watch the little guy’s reaction when things get way too scary

Dogs are amazing. They can quickly forge strong bonds with us humans, and they’re very emotional and expressive. Watching them react to unusual things is always a hoot!

In this clip, which has more than 2 million views, a Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Maylo is watching a horror film together with his owner. This dynamic duo often watches TV together, and the doggie really gets into what’s happening on the screen.

Maylo is an extremely expressive pup, and that might be the reason why his owner takes out his camera and starts filming as they’re watching a scary film.

Hilarious reaction

40 seconds into the clip, Maylo sees something incredibly scary on the screen – now watch how the doggie reacts! Absolutely adorable! She’s just like a person!

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