Funny clip: German shepherd is helping man in wheelchair – turns around and has the net in fits of laughter

Dogs are wonderful animals that love to help however they can. Many are also extremely intelligent and can learn a lot — it’s not rare to get impressed with what our four-legged friends can do.

It’s fascinating to see, for example, service and police dogs at work. They really care about their mission and many people’s lives depend on their assistance.

Having daily routines is important for dogs. Just as for us humans, things like exercising the body and mind, are important for these animals to live a healthy life.

Before they train to become service dogs, to help its human fellows with disabilities, there are several aptitude tests that the dog must pass.

Too many steps to follow

According to the staff of the Double H Canine Training Academy, writes the site Goodfullness, almost all canines can become good service dogs. There are those who are easier to train, but with patience and the right approach, most can succeed.

It’s not that complicated, writes Goodfullness. However, there are a lot of things that the dog should be able to handle – and it must also have a good sense of how its owner or guardian feels.

German Shepherd isn't fit to be a service dog

A special dog who came to the Double H Canine Training Academy is Ryker. He is a German Shepherd who loves to help in any way he can. And his cheerfulness and energy are always high!

German Shepherd isn’t fit to be a service dog

In a clip of Ryker’s training — which turns out to be super entertaining — you can see what a happy and brilliant Shepherd he is. He didn’t pass many of the tests, but what to do with so much energy?

German Shepherd isn't fit to be a service dog 2

When Ryker goes to fetch a water bottle, he gets a little rough with it and the water just pours all over the floor. When supposed to assist a disabled person, he’s more eager to play with the objects used to help the person move — and it will also prove to be risky to be in a wheelchair while holding the leash of this magnificent beast.

The staff loved Ryker — and even if he doesn’t become a service dog; we guarantee he will brighten the lives of people wherever he goes! Such a good boy!

Now check out this wonderful video featuring the highlights of Ryker’s training!

German Shepherd isn't fit to be a service dog

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