Funny Clip: Little girl tries to get a huge ship to honk

If there is one thing kids are really good at, it is saying what they think, regardless of the situation, context or mood.

Children have yet to develop any social filters, which opens the door to plenty of embarrassing and hilarious situations.

However, it is refreshing to see how children always say what’s in their minds. It’s honestly refreshing to see such a pure mentality, and is also super cute.

We can see an excellent example of this below—when Vilma, a little Swedish girl, was trying to get a container ship to honk.

Signals the ship to honk

The clip below is from 2012 and shows when Vilma is in a Swedish harbor with her parents looking at all the large ships.

Vilma’s parents must have taught Vilma the sign to get boats and trains to honk.

Of course, Vilma starts doing it as soon as she sees a massive green ship on its way into the harbor.

girl wants ship to honk
Image source: Youtube

Hilarious reaction

The ship does not react at first and continues heading for the dock. However, it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up, and Vilma continues to wave.

Then, all of a sudden, something unforgettable happens!

Without revealing too much, we can say that there’s a good reason that over twelve million people have seen the video.

You can see the incredible clip below.

What a hilarious situation. Children’s reactions are so pure!

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