Funny clip: Meet Blaze the Husky – the world’s sleepiest dog

Funny clip: Meet Blaze the Husky – the world’s sleepiest dog

Most dogs love being out in nature and having the chance to to run around and explore. However, every rule has an exception. Some dogs can be really sleepy in the mornings – just like us humans. These dogs prefer spending some extra time in bed before starting the day in earnest.

Siberian Huskies love being outside when it’s cold. They’re used to hard work like pulling sleighs, and they love begin around other dogs. This means that Huskies require a lot of exercise in order to get rid of their excess energy. They don’t want to stay still for too long; instead, they want to be out in nature, running around and playing.

But there are exceptions, and Blaze happens to be just such a dog. In this clip (which has more than 20 million views on Youtube), his owner tries to get him into his carrier so that they can go to the kennel. But Blaze seems to think that the living room floor is a considerably better place to be.

Loves the kennel

You can really see just how sleepy he is. I can really identify with poor Blaze – I can’t count the number of times that I’ve felt the same way in the morning.

The funniest part is that the dog almost replies in English. Several times, he tells his owner “no” when he’s told that it’s time to go to the kennel – a place he usually loves going to!

Apparently Blaze doesn’t have anything against being in the carrier either – he just happens to be really, really sleepy this morning.

This is both adorable and incredibly funny! Watch the clip below!

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