Horse shocked by his own powerful fart – the clip now has millions of people laughing out loud

Horse shocked by his own powerful fart – the clip now has millions of people laughing out loud

There are many things for us humans that are completely natural. Sleeping, breathing, eating, drinking — and farting.

That last one everyone can relate to.

Most of us have experienced that feeling when a fart is building up, and you have to relieve yourself, let it go, like frozen.

It happens on the least suitable occasions as well, the easiest way to deal with that is to find an empty space or a bathroom to get rid of it.

Oh, the relief!

However, it’s not just us people who need to pass gas regularly — it also happens in the animal kingdom. Recently, we wrote about a huge horse that let out a massive fart show — and our readers loved it.

We have come across a new clip. This is possibly even better — especially because the horse in this video is not expecting it at all and therefore is frightened by its own fart. A real sweetie.

A natural body reaction

He is in the middle of a training session with his rider on top. As he finishes the first lap and starts with the next one, suddenly it happens — the fart gets out!

Horse scared by its own fart

It all happens so fast, you may have to watch the video a few times, but the horse is so surprised that he jumps from the scare.

Even the woman behind the camera gets a slight shock — and can’t hold back the laugh afterward.

According to the site RelayHero, who spoke with veterinarian Doctor Ramey, people wonder if horses who fart like that experience pain or stress. However, it is absolutely normal, according to him. Just like for us humans, it‘s a natural, often relieving, body reaction that happens after eating fiber-rich foods.

See the funny clip below! I laughed so much, doesn’t matter how many times I play it, it’s still funny!

[arve url=”” title=”Horse scared by its own fart” description=”Horse scared by its own fart” /]

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this! I can relate — sometimes you have to break wind! Feel free to click that share button to invite your friends to an extra smile today!