Jonna, 28, got tired of waiting for spring, now millions are cheering at her funny clip

In cold, northern Sweden, weather is always a hot topic. A lot of people complain about how chilly it is, and I can totally relate. I think we’ve all had enough of nasty weather lately.

But now millions are laughing at the weather – 28-year-old Jonna Jinton has made a “spring film” that many of us can relate to. People all over the globe have now seen this funny Swede’s priceless video about spring.

Seven years ago, blogger Jonna Jinton decided to move to Grundtjärn – a remote Swedish village with a population of 9.

She lives an isolated life, spending her time living her passion – making art.

“Being close to nature is incredibly important to me. That’s where I find all my inspiration,” Jonna tells Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Millions of people have now laughed at her very special “spring video”, where she walks out into the frozen landscape.

She walks through the waist-high snow wearing only a summer dress – and then, seemingly unfazed by the cold, starts hanging clothes to dry.


In less than 24 hours, her video received more than 1 million views, and it currently has more than 4 million views on Facebook.

Sitting on the toilet

The 28-year-old had not at all expected to become a viral sensation.

“I was completely shocked. This has been a hard winter, with plenty of trouble and accidents. That’s when people need to laugh the most,” she tells the newspaper.


Jonna got the idea as she was sitting on the toilet, looking out over the barren, frigid landscape.

“It’s the middle of March, isn’t it supposed to be warmer than this?” Jonna thought as she saw everything blanketed in snow.

Now people from all over the world are commenting on her video.

“Wow, I had no idea Swedes were such hardy people”, and “Aren’t you cold, why aren’t you wearing a jacket?” are some of the things being said.

Watch the priceless clip below!

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