Man sees kitten watching horror movie – the unexpected detail makes him immediately start filming

I’ve never been a fan of horror flicks; I just frighten way too easily. I regularly spill my coffee whenever the doorbell rings, so sitting down in front of a movie designed to scare the bejeezus out of me is out of the question.

However, some people like this genre. Admittedly, it’s a good type of film to watch on a date. After all, you need to move closer to make sure that you can comfort and protect each other.

And then there are scaredy-cats like me who don’t fall into the above category. Some of us are even literal cats!

Youtuber Dailypicsandflicks has uploaded a fantastic clip where we get to see a cat watch a horror movie for the first time.

The star of the video is Togepi, a 9 month old kitten, who decided to sit down and watch the classic Hitchcock movie Psycho.

Absolutely adorable

I don’t think the cat understands what’s happening on the screen, but you can see her tense up as things get more scary and as the soundtrack intensifies.

Togepi’s eyes keep getting bigger as she hears a door opening. She understands full well that something is about to go down.

The scary scene reaches its climax and we hear a woman yell. This is simply too much for the poor kitty. She does just what I would have done in her situation – she bolts!

I can imagine that it’ll be a while before she wants to watch a horror flick again.

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