Parrot hears Pavarotti on TV, the bird’s unexpected reaction leaves the family completely speechless

Parrots are incredibly intelligent and fascinating animals. They have an amazing ability to learn new things and imitate behaviors.

The clip below is a fantastic example of just that. The bird joins in a duet with his idol Luciano Pavarotti!

Back when I was growing up, our neighbor had a friendly cockatoo. He was called Morgan, and he always greeted us with “hello hello” and “how do”. I loved visiting them and hearing the bird try to join in our conversations.

Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated by birds and their amazing ability to learn new things and imitate behaviors. They’re incredibly smart – and throughout the years, more and more videos have popped up of birds using tools and solving problems. They also quite like singing to us and to themselves.

Caruso is a song written in 1986 by Italian singer Lucio Dalla. It’s dedicated to the late Enrico Caruso – one of Italy’s most famous tenors.

Better than I expected

This time, the song is performed by none other than Luciano Pavarotti. And without a doubt, the parrot in the clip below is a big Pavarotti fan!

Soon the birdie joins in a duet with his idol – and I have to say, it’s better than I expected! Incredible!

Apparently, the reaction made his owner’s family completely speechless. It’s easy to see why!

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