Playful doggie gets caught red-handed – now watch what he is hiding

There is a significant collection of dogs’ videos online. Some are adorable, others will make you laugh out loud – and some are a mix of both. All in all, we can agree that our four-legged friends are a bundle of joy!

Whenever I find a funny video, I share it with my friends. While it might become a bit annoying if I do it too often, I know most of my loved ones will enjoy them just as much as I do.

Earlier today, I found a wonderful clip that has taken the internet by storm!

Steve Kilner, a man from Audley, England, found himself in a predicament after not being able to find the two boiled eggs he has just cooked in his kitchen. He was sure he had left them on the edge of the counter.

A guilty doggie

His investigation immediately led him to the family’s pet – something was wrong with the cheeks of the doggie. They seemed bigger than usual…


When Steve confronted his doggie, the little devil’s reaction was absolutely heartwarming!

Check out the short clip yourself by clicking the play button below!

The reactions from twitter users keep pouring in – and all of them are positive!

A heartwarming clip

You can really see the guilt washing over the eyes of the doggie after Steve caught him red-handed, and in the end, he can no longer hide the eggs, so they just plop out.

My guess is that Steve had to cook himself some new eggs. But I bet he can live with that after getting this gem on video! I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor pup who just wanted to have a healthy breakfast. Dogs are such precious creatures!

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