Rude woman refuses to pick up dog’s poop – now watch when the girl behind the camera teaches her a lesson

People with pets have the responsibility to look after them, that means making sure they don’t bother other people, or cleaning up after them, either when they go to the bathroom on the street or when they make a mess by breaking clothes, trash, etc. There’s nothing more annoying than people who cannot take responsibility for their pets.

This mostly comes down to people refusing to pick up their dog’s poop. Unfortunately, people are lazy, but I think it should be the minimum requirement to get a dog, cleaning after them that is.

Stepping on poop is disgusting and never something to be ok with – and you won’t have to, as long as people who have a dog take proper care of them during their walks.

I think most of us can agree it’s common sense to pick up your dog’s poop. It’s just having proper manners.

In this clip, watched by over 1.2 million people, a rude lady refuses to pick up her dog’s poop on the sidewalk right next to where her car is.

Gets what she deserves

Instead, she leaves it where it is and jumps into her expensive convertible.

A girl, tired of this kind of people, notices the whole thing. She picks up her mobile and starts filming, then she confronts the owner about why she didn’t pick up after her dog.

rude lady refuses to pick up her dog's poop

However, the rude lady doesn’t care – and instead responds with gestures and screams. The woman in the car refuses to take responsibility, but she will soon regret it.


The reaction from the girl behind the camera is pretty drastic, but I have to say I agree with what she does. The lazy dog ​​owner gets exactly what she deserves – and I couldn’t avoid having a good laugh after watching the clip.

Now check the video below!

rude lady refuses to pick up her dog's poop

I think the woman in the car got what she deserved! Hopefully, she learned her lesson! Now SHARE if you agree!