Tired construction workers are on break – now watch when the man in the middle hears a familiar sound

Construction work is one of the hardest and most demanding jobs out there, you push your body and mind doing repetitive, precise and stressful activities. Without construction workers, our society wouldn’t be able to move forward.

They mostly work outside, without a roof, all year round, regardless of the weather. They really deserve our respect!

However, as with all other jobs, it can get boring sometimes.

At times like these, coworkers must cheer each other up – like in the video below.

Lunch break, during a working day, is very important. Mostly because you need the energy to do proper work. It also allows your body and mind to rest, which will allow you to be effective for the rest of the working day.

The music starts

The construction workers in the clip below are no exception. During their lunch break they sit against a wall, and honestly, they don’t seem to be having much fun.

Image source: Youtube
bored workers dance

Then the music starts.

Like Michael Jackson

The moment the music starts, one worker jumps up and shows the other workers his fantastic dancing skills.

His performance resembles a lot the legend itself, Michael Jackson. While he is sliding across the floor while being cheered by his colleagues, one can’t help but remember the creator of legendary hits such as Billy Jeans.

Amazed thousands of viewers

One of his colleagues was able to perpetuate the wonderful moment by filming and posting the clip online, and it has already been seen by over 10,000 people!

See the full clip below!

tired workers dance

Incredible, isn’t he?

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