Vilma tries to make the giant ship blast its horn, but now watch as the girl realizes her mistake

Children are often very expressive, and they usually show their emotions rather than talk about them. It’s easy to see if a little boy or girl is happy, sad, surprised or embarrassed. They definitely wear their hearts on their sleeves.

And that’s a big part of their charm! Naturally, you don’t want to see kids be afraid, but the clip below is completely harmless. The girl’s amazing reaction has become an internet sensation. I’m so happy that Vilma’s parents decided to film this!

Little Vilma is Swedish girl who in 2012 went out on a pier with her parents to look at the giant ships that passed by. She had previously learned how to signal for truckers to honk; by moving her arm up and down in a pulling motion.

She tried out the same movement as she stood there on the pier. Little Vilma simply wanted to know how a big ship like that would sound when honking, or more precisely, blasting its horn.


The girl keeps at it for a good while, seemingly without response. You start thinking that her efforts are for naught and that she should just give up. But suddenly something happens that puts her in full panic mode!

Now go do what more than 11 million people have done and watch the clip below! I do feel a bit sorry for Vilma, but at that same time, I can’t help but laugh at her genuine and wonderful reaction!

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