Woman wears hidden camera on cleavage while walking to raise awareness for breast cancer

Watching other people is something normal, as soon as we step outside the door, regardless of gender, we look at others because it’s a natural thing to do.

It could be out of curiosity, maybe they look like one of our friends, or maybe have the pair of headphones we were thinking of buying. 

Quite often we look at the body parts that sexually attract us, or that are quite pronounced on the person you cross paths with.

Someone who took advantage of this, for a good cause, is 29-year-old Whitney Zelig, who hid a small camera in her chest โ€“ to raise awareness about breast cancer for other women, reports Ladbible.

We are all familiar with it. The looks of other people give us when they are checking us out. It can be in town, at work, in the gym or even at the grocery store, wherever you go people will look at you for one reason or another.

A hidden camera in her blouse

However, 29-year-old Whitney Zelig, took advantage of this situation to raise awareness for a good cause. She placed an invisible camera between her breasts and took a walk around manhattan.

Image source: Youtube

Then the camera recorded the stares from the surrounding crowd. People of all ages and genders locked their sight onto Zelig’s breasts.

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Some were discreet about it.

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But they all had one thing in common.

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No one could keep her eyes away from her assets.

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For a good cause

However, Whitney didn’t trough all that trouble just because she enjoys the stares, but in fact, she wanted to call attention to breast cancer and encourage other women to check themselves.

“Girls, don’t forget to check your own breasts too!” It says at the end of the clip, which Whitney posted online.

See the entire clip below!

Credit: Chris Zelig

What an unusual and smart way to spark debate!

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