Adolescents rob goldsmith: Unexpected hero appears in the background, does what nobody else dares

Adolescents rob goldsmith: Unexpected hero appears in the background, does what nobody else dares

When someone does something illegal or misbehaves, then it’s important to put your foot down. Granted, you should be careful of the risk you take when doing so, and you should avoid stooping to the wrong-doer’s level. But scumbags need to be told when they’ve done something wrong!

If there’s something really serious going on, then you should contact the police as soon as possible. Be mindful of taking unnecessary risks – but that being said, sometimes people need to step up and demonstrate their moral courage.

I respect people like that, and I’m extremely grateful that we have these everyday heroes among us.

In the clip below, a gang of teenage criminals are in the process of robbing a goldsmith in the English city of Northampton. One person managed to film as they start hammering away at the windows which are about to break. All the while, several frightened passers-by witness the event and do their best to steer clear.

Which is fully understandable – this is an unusual situation, and you can’t expect people to act unless they are a police officer.

But then, an unexpected hero appears in the background. A gallant grandma comes rushing at full speed, wielding her trusty purse. She demonstrates her moral courage without batting an eye, and starts raining blows on the thieves.

Shows incredible courage

The burglars can’t believe their eyes when they see what the lady is doing – they are completely blindsided.

After just a few seconds of her furious onslaught, they jump on their mopeds and flee the scene. However, several witnesses come to the lady’s aid and manage to hold on to one of the criminals.

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I wouldn’t expect anyone to do what she did, but the grandma’s intervention is an amazing example of moral courage. She’s nothing short of a hero!

I can’t help but smile when I see the criminals retreating from super granny’s purse attack!

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