Animal rights activist wants to ban the term ”pet” and says “it’s derogatory”

As you might know, languages ​​are constantly changing, and every year we update our dictionaries with new words. Some new words make sense, while others make you wonder what is the point in adding something that sounds like slang to our official vocabulary.

In the United Kingdom, there is currently a debate around the word pet. The animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are trying to get rid of the word pet because it is derogatory to… pets, reports the New York Post.

The debate started in Good Morning Britain, an English television news morning show. Jennifer White, a press officer for PET(A), joined the cast to explain why the word does not belong in the dictionary.

“Use a better word”

In the program, Jennifer White explained that PETA considers the word pet to be derogatory to animals and even compared it with violence against women.

“We don’t hate the word pet, but we encourage people to use a better word,” said Jennifer White from PETA.

PETA without PET

The organization’s name PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In its shortened form it can be seen as a wink to the word pet.

Good Morning Britain anchor Piers Morgan, shouting over everyone else, asked Jennifer what would happen to the organization name. Noting that the word they want to get rid of covers 75% of the name they are most know for.

Jennifer answered that it was merely an abbreviation of the organization’s name and had nothing to do with the word. To be fair, thanks to the anchors’ continuos screams it was hard for white to defend herself, even in this silly debate.

See the hot “debate” about the word pet in the clip below!

Obviously, we should be kind to all animals, but not being able to call them pets seems a bit too much, no? 

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