Courtney buys a hot dress online, only for it to show much more than she expected

Shopping for clothes online is not an easy feat. You have no idea if the advertised size is actually gonna fit, if the garment will live up to your expectations or if the quality is at least decent.

It’s a bit of a gamble โ€“ but, of course, people are willing to take that risk. Supply and demand, right?

One “Internet shopping gambler” is Courtney Henderson. She bought a daring and potentially stunning dress online โ€“ but got a real shock when her new glittering garment arrived and she tried it on for the first time.

You could say nothing about the dress was right.

Courtney Henderson is a salesperson from Newcastle. To celebrate her birthday she planned to go for a night out with her girlfriends, and for the important night, she needed a new, sexy and provocative dress.

Cost over $80

She found the perfect dress โ€“ a good amount of exposed skin mixed with a modern and classy look.

dress shopping
Picture: Dressmezze

The dress costs 65 British pounds, just over $80 โ€“ and judging from the photos from the website, it was worth every penny. The “cut out” sections on the side, meant to show some extra skin, were a pretty unique and clever detail.

Picture: Dressmezze

So it seemed, anyway โ€“ until Courtney’s new dress arrived and she tried it on.

However, it appeared that the dress, unlike the photos, showed much more than just the skin from her waist.

dress shopping gone wrong
Image: Twitter / @ courhend

However, the open sections of the garment showed โ€“ yep, Courtney’s boobs.

The straps where nowhere close to where they should, missing her breasts completely, not even close to the pictures from the website.

The dress is a “best seller”

She posted a picture on social media, expressing her disappointment โ€“ and of course, it went viral.

Many people seem to think that this is a perfect example of why you can’t trust online clothing stores and you must try the clothes first.

A spokesperson for the company Dressmezze said, according to the Daily Mail:

“Our Ex-Lovers dress has continuously been one of our best sellers since being added to the website last year. If you check out our tagged images on Instagram you will see we have had many customers who have worn the dress and have been super happy with it. We can only apologize that the dress was not suitable for the customer.

“Our website clearly states that we have a very fair 14-day return policy. Of course, not all poor fittings generate as much publicity as Courtney’s, so as a gesture of goodwill and thanks for all the extra publicity, in addition to her refund we’re happy to offer 25% off her next purchase.”

In the end. Courtney chose to return the dress. Since I don’t think she would want to walk around looking like that, regardless of how funny it is. Or what do you think?

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