Erik sues a streaming service – after they made him masturbate too much

Playing computer games online today has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. You can actually have e-sports as a career, and young people earn astounding sums of money by playing for teams and having sponsors, just like any other sport.

Popular games are often broadcasted online. The biggest platform for online streaming is, a company currently worth over five billion dollars. Thousands of streamers now make a living playing their favorite games and interacting with their viewers.

But not everything is flowers and rainbows over there. Erik Estavillo is currently suing the streaming giant for $25 million, reports Unilad.

Erik Estavillo, a resident of San Francisco, claims that the streaming platform has caused him injuries.

Playing games with too little clothing

Erik currently follows 786 female players, who often broadcast themselves playing different games.

Here is Pinky Sparkles, for example, who is one of the most popular.

According to Erik, the girls keep wearing too little clothing while streaming, forcing Erik to masturbate, a lot. According to him, this has led to injuries to his penis, which became “sore, irritated, and finally infected.”

His predicament has forced Erik to take antibiotics.

Lisa Peachy, another famous streamer.

In the lawsuit, Erik asks for 25 million dollars. But he also wants to ban four of the women he follows from streaming, as they as supposedly the cause of the damage to his penis.

Irritated eyes from watching too much

Furthermore, Erik claims in his lawsuit that the skimpy-dressed girls made him sit at the computer for so long, masturbating, that his eyes got red and irritated.

As the icing on the cake, Erik accidentally ejaculated on his computer during his “sessions,” which caused a power outage throughout his apartment.

It is still unclear whether Erik has any grounds to win this lawsuit.

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