Jenna, 21, makes $10,000 a month living like a dog – eats from a bowl and wears a leash

When we grow up, we eventually come across the things that light our passion – inside the bedroom. A fetish or turn-on that you might have never thought about could change your life, like it did for the person in today’s story.

Some like having sex while wearing latex or leather. Others prefer more traditional and vanilla methods. Every single adult on this planet has different turn-ons and turn-offs, and that’s okay.

As long as you don’t harm anyone and obey the law, you can do whatever you want with your body.

Ever since Jenna Phillips was a child, she’s loved pretending to be a dog. But as time went on, Jenna realized that it wasn’t only fun, but a fetish of her.

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Eating food from a bowl on the floor and carrying a leash around is something most of us can only imagine dogs doing.

But for the 21-year-old Jenna Phillips, from Austin, Texas, it’s quite the opposite: she gets sexually aroused by puppy play – and has made a career out of it.

An un-“leashed” fetish

Pretending to be a dog was perhaps a usual thing when you were a child. It definitely was for Jenna.

But when she grew up, she found herself still loving doggy play. She thought something might have been wrong with her. But she soon learned it is a relatively common fetish, where people live pretending to be dogs.

Then Jenna began to dive deeper and deeper into her kink, wearing a leash and eating her food from a dog bowl, the doors to puppy play had opened.

Makes over $10k a month

As Jenna dared to explore her fetish more and more, she also started sharing her new lifestyle online.

It turned out to be a stroke of genius, as Jenna quickly gathered thousands of followers – who turned out to be willing to pay to see Jenna live her fetish.

Today, Jenna regularly posts pictures and short clips of herself acting like a dog, while her followers have to pay a small fee to see them.

This has led to Jenna earning around $10,000 a month. Talk about living the dream!

Jenna has been able to resign from her day job as an optician to focus entirely on her new career.

“It’s insane,” Jenna told Vice. “I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience, or that so many people would like/care about it. It still blows my mind.”

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