Now you can warm your feet in hand-knitted beer mug socks – beer head and handle included

Christmas is just around the corner, and people are already getting into the spirit of things. Soon, it’s time for the whole family to gather together to eat delicious food, drink refreshing drinks and simply have fun together. And putting on warm, comfy clothes only makes it extra cozy. But this Christmas, the cozyness factor is turned up to eleven if you’re a beer lover. The reason why: the beer stein sock!

Some of the best things about winter are warm, knitted socks and foamy Christmas beers. This season, we finally get to combine the two!

Source: Etsy

Coziest socks of the year

Over at the site Etsy, it’s now possible to buy these cozy socks, shaped just like two beer steins, including head and handle.

Source: Etsy

These lovely hand-knitted woolen socks are available in many different sizes, and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm all winter. But what’s really great about them is that there’s no right or left sock – you can just pull them on without having to think about it.

Source: Etsy

“The perfect gift”

The seller writes the following on the website:
“These beer socks are the perfect gift for birthdays, Father’s Day or for whenever it’s cold outside!”

These socks are selling like hotcakes, so you better be quick if you want to provide your feet with some warm foamy comfort this winter!

Source: Etsy

I’d love a pair of these to keep me warm this winter!
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