Here is the new penis scarf to keep you warm – balls, shaft, and head included

Are you starting to panic over buying a gift for an event only a few days away? Hard to figure out what to give to that cousin whose name you can’t remember?

Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back: let your distant relatives and acquaintances avoid the cold by wrapping themselves in a massive penis – say hello to the new penis scarf, reports the site 9gag.

During the winter, it’s very important to dress warmly, especially here in the north. To avoid freezing, you can always wrap a scarf around your neck. However, this year you can get, to say the least, a very special scarf.

Penis scarf with balls, shaft, and head

Thanks to the seller KnotYouKnitworks in Etsy, the scarf of your dreams has become a reality. The product is handknitted and has everything you could ask for: balls, shaft, and head.

penis scarf white
Image source: Etsy

This wonderful penis scarf is 150 cm long and is available in both white and black versions. According to the website, the white version is just as big as the black, “despite the stereotype.”

penis scarf black
Image source: Etsy

“Warm, thick and pink”

About the penis scarf, the artist wrote on the description:

“Warm, thick and pink this scarf will keep you warm through the winter months!”

penis scarf
Image source: Etsy

If you want to, you can even buy detachable white drips for an extra $2.50.

penis scarf drips
Image source: Etsy

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