Scammer calls Marie with a strange request – her brilliant response scares the crap out of him

Something that has been going on for a long time is scamming, fraudsters contact innocent people to try to trick them out of their money. This is via fake emails, SMS or phone calls.

There are certainly other ways, but these are the most common.

When contacted by a scammer, they often try to get access to your credit card or bank information, their trademark is very poor English. A pretty common example — is when someone claims your computer has a virus, and then offer to clean it for you.

It’s all lies, you don’t have to worry about your computer, but a lot of people don’t know that, and through different tricks, they try to swindle you into paying them to get rid of the virus.

And it’s not only here in the states. It happens all around the world. A Swedish girl, Marie Hedén, was contacted by scammers — but the way she handled it made waves online!

A scammer, impersonating an IT manager from a computer center in Canada, called to inform her there was a problem with her computer. But, Marie quickly understood what was going on — and her response almost made this scammer crap her pants.

The great comeback

And so, she shared the conversation on Facebook:

“My phone rings, I can’t properly see the number because I’m waiting for another call and it took a while before I grabbed the phone…

– It’s Marie!

– Good morning (in English).

– Hello. Who am I speaking to?

– I’m calling from the Data Center. Our IT department has received a note that your computer needs help.

– Did my computer talk to you?

– Eh… yes. Are you sitting at the computer now?

– Yes (no, I wasn‘t actually at the computer, but no need to tell her, haha).

– Good. Then I’ll talk about how to get rid of the virus that your computer have.

– Wait a second! If my computer has a virus, maybe the whole company is infected?! I will connect you to our IT department!

– Eh, what?!

– Hold on (I leave the phone on the table and wait for a while, then I pick it back up and answer with an accent and lighter voice). Yes, Stina is here, what can I do for you?

– Hello. I am calling for an infected computer belonging to your network (still in English).

– Oh, good. Can you just wait for a bit (put away my phone while I speak a little in Swedish)? So, where are you calling from?

– As I said, from a large computer center (here I interrupt).

– Yes, but where? What country are you calling from?

– Eh… Canada (she says with a strong Indian accent).

– Okay, our tracker says you’re calling from India. So within 30 minutes, local police will knock on your door. Please tell them how infected my computer is. Thank you for calling the Swedish Police IT department! Have a nice day!

I can hear the panic on her voice at the other end before hanging up!”

Such a sweet revenge! Please press the share button if you think Marie did the correct thing, so we can rise against this kind of fraud in the future!