The new “beauty trend” for 2020: Painting small and cute penises on your nails

If you want to keep up with the latest trend, style or fad nowadays, it’s important to keep your eyes (and nails) wide open. Trends come and go faster than you can blink in modern society. One day pants should be so loose that they’ll fall off if you’re not careful, then the next day they need to be so tight that it’s hard to breathe – everything to look neat and stylish.

Of course, makeup and hairstyles are just as affected, almost as much as clothes. The question, however, is if the latest nail fad is here to stay – we’re talking about drawing cute penises on your nails.

The beauty and fashion news site, Allure, reported on the latest nail fashion trend. The latest rage in nail art is to draw cute penises on your nails.

Penis flowers and patterns

Among all the fashion Instagram accounts, there is one where you can find these trendy nail art pieces – in a variety of styles.

These are penises with flowers, snow, spider nets – and much more.

Here we can see some charming penis-clowns.

With and without foreskin

The artist behind the nail-art, to support diversity, has chosen to draw penises of all shapes, sizes, and types – including with and without the foreskin.

Here we see a penis hot-dog.

Here we got a few penis-shaped cactus.

And here we have ice cream popsicles, yum!

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