You can now buy a portable toilet, so you can poop anywhere your heart desires

It is said that nature’s call waits for no one – and certainly, you’ve probably had to go number two in a place other than a regular toilet at least once or twice in your life.

It’s perfectly normal to pee and poop, however, it’s a shared problem that the need comes at the worst possible times. During an important meeting, when you’re taking a hike or in the middle of a camping trip.

Now, however, the solution is here!

It’s a portable toilet that fits in a small backpack. The package includes a plastic foldable seat, so you can sit comfortably – but also a personal 360° cover to keep your privacy intact.

Poop anywhere

No one wants someone to look at you in the middle of the deed!

portable toilet

This is perhaps the hottest thing of the year for people who like to be outdoors but also have a strict bathroom schedule. It’s easiest to do your business when you are by yourself – and this booth can certainly help you with that.


The cover is flexible, it folds into a small package that fits inside a backpack and can be carried anywhere. Of the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 friends whose lives would change with this invention – and I think we all have friends that always have to poop!


Maybe you should buy one yourself to have it in the car? You never know when you’ll be driving for hours without finding a bathroom – but with a portable toilet, you will be always ready.

Below you can see an ad for the “Portable Toilet” from the company The Super Boo!

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