6-year-old asks his mom about sex, the reply makes him double over with laughter

Kids have a unique way of looking at the world. Sometimes they are wise beyond their years, and sometimes… well, sometimes they’re just kids!

I found this story earlier today, and I just had to share it with you. If it made you smile, then feel free to send it on to a friend to brighten their day. Shared joy is double joy!

On a hot summer day, 6 year old Sam was going with his Mom and Dad to get some ice cream. Although the sun was hot, the cool wind made the temperature just perfect – life was great for the little boy.

After picking his favorite flavor ice cream (chocolate), his Mom took out her wallet to pay. As she opened the wallet, her ID card fell out and landed on the ground by their feet.

Little Sam had just started learning reading in school, so he picked up the ID card and began slowly reading it out loud.

“Pl–a–ce of b…bir… birth… New York,” he said, and beamed at his parents with pride.

“Good job, son!” his Dad said and ruffled his hair.

His Mom smiled down at him approvingly and handed him his ice cream cone.

Sudden reaction

Sam took the cone continued to read from the ID card, “Sex: F.”

Suddenly, little Sam laughed so hard that he smeared ice cream all over his face.

His Mom looked down at him and asked, “What’s so funny, love?”

Sam replied, “I can’t believe you’re so bad at sex that you failed in it!

The husband doubled over with laughter!

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