Baby won’t eat his peas, then mom calls for the family dog and makes everyone laugh out loud

There’s nothing more adorable than a happy toddler!

Okay, well, throw in a cute pet too and the whole thing gets even better. Babies and dogs have an uncanny ability of becoming best friends right away – and the video (below) is a hilarious example of just that!

Laughter can be incredibly contagious – on that point, I think we can all agree. Toddlers in particular are experts at brightening the mood around them, making everyone feel joyful and happy.

They also spread their joy and love to animals, who they quickly become best friends with, creating an unbreakable bond that will last for the rest of their lives.

In the video (below), the mother tries to show her son Chase that peas aren’t that bad. They can even make for great entertainment!

Adorable reaction

When the little boy doesn’t want to eat his greens, his mom throws them up in the air in front of their labrador Zoey – who instantly leaps up and catches the peas.

The baby’s reaction is absolutely priceless! He lets loose a great big belly laugh – and he seems to think that the whole thing just gets funnier and funnier every time the dog catches a pea. Neither mom nor dad can hold in their laughter!

I just can’t stop smiling when watching this wonderful video!

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