Dad pays final child support in 80,000 pennies, so mom and daughter donate it all to abuse victims

Dad pays final child support in 80,000 pennies, so mom and daughter donate it all to abuse victims

Paying child support is a legal obligation for most fathers. But paying child support does not guarantee the love and affection of your children! And in this case, to get even in his eyes, the father did something a little uncalled for.

Avery Sanford was sitting in class when the incident took place. She found out upon getting home that they had had a visitor earlier in the day; her dad. Since Avery had recently turned 18, her dad no longer had to pay child support payments.

Clearly, the prospect of not paying these obligatory payments was good news for him because he did something quite childish when delivering his last payment!

Avery’s dad came to her house with a trailer attached to his car. The trailer held in it the last child support payment Avery’s dad had to make to her mom. Except, there was a twist; the payment was all in pennies! Her father dumped about 80,000 pennies on the street in front of their home.

When he was in the middle of this act, Avery’s mother walked outside and at first did not even recognize her ex. She questioned the man about what he was dumping on her lawn and his answer helped her recognize who it was. He told her he was paying her the last child support payment.

Avery realizes that her father did this simply to embarrass her, her mother, and her sister. She wanted to point out how damaging his actions were, saying that no matter how old you are, what your parent does affects you in some way or the other!

Avery shared in her interview with the media that she was not on the best terms with her dad. She said they barely spoke to one another.

This unique act by her father did upset her, but according to Avery, they managed to find a silver lining. They donated the money to a local shelter helping women and children!

Avery’s mother filed a police report about the incident. And when local media reached out to Avery’s father to hear his side of things, he said it was just 18 years of frustration coming out and the last thing he wanted was to drive a wedge between him and his daughter!

This story shows how fathers can sometimes feel distanced from their kids, even if they are financially supporting them. The 18 years of child support for a child who he did not have a relationship with, clearly got the best of this father!

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